Half Finals Art Rocks competitie 2018

Jelske – Take all you got – Art Rocks competitie 2018
At the 27th of October I joined the workshop organised by Popsport and Art Rocks. The workshop taught you how to write a proper song of an artwork. I chose to write a song about the artwork of Jan Schoonhoven ‘Reliëf R 70-54’. The experience was intense to feel the connection that I had with that artwork. As soon as I saw the artwork in real life the words came to me where I was searching for to finish the song. How beautiful is it then when you hear that you got selected to the half finals of the competition! I felt really thankful because of that :). Click here to listen to the song and, if you want, you can vote on my song to help me to reach the finals. Or…. come and listen live to me on the 2nd of December at Museum Prinsenhof te Delft. I will perform the song ‘Take all you got’ live at the artwork of Schoonhoven.

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